Parkchester, The Bronx

Some photos for all of us nostalgic, former Parkchesterites... Many of the photos are pre-condo era and prior to the complex becoming as diversified as it is today.  I lived there from 1955-1972 myself.   Enjoy !!  Charlie Jacobi

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The Oval
The Oval "Men" !!
Well, what could be more fitting than to start out with some nice shots of the Oval !!!
The Little North
The Little North, taken from between 1579 Met and 2090 E Tremont.
The Handball Courts
The Handball Courts, behind the Little North.  Machine Gun Hill would be to the right, along with "The Rocks" !
Purdy Street
Purdy Street
A couple of Purdy Street crew shots.  This probably 1970-72, taken near the Shuff behind 1735 Purdy St.
St. Raymond's
St. Raymond's Church.
Billy B. and his Beer !!
Nothing like a cold Schaeffer.........when you're not old enough to drink !!
The Deli
The Deli on Metropolitan Ave near Purdy St..
1579 Metropolitan
!579 Metropolitan
Above and right... 1579 Metropolitan Ave.... That was my apartment, over the door, 2cnd floor !! 2-B
St. Raymond's
St. Ray's
A couple of more shots of St. Raymond's
George G.
I think the fine young lad in the first toboggan went on to become one of NY's Finest.  Perhaps this was early training for high speed chases ??!!!
2090 E. Tremont
2090 E. Tremont
2100 E. Tremont
2100 E. Tremont
Mr Stewart and friends.
Mr Stewart from St. Ray's and some of the crew from Purdy Street.. I always liked Mr. S, even though he tagged on my long remembered nickname "Sewer Mouth" !!
Near Purdy Street
The line at the Mr. Softee Truck on Metropolitan near Purdy.  Danny B. and myself were probably on the truck making the cones and banana boats !! I believe that's Joan Tully in the foreground facing the camera.
If you have some good pictures, scan them and send them to me and I'll put them up here !!!
Email me your scans...JPG format is best !!
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Since Sept.7, 2001
One of the garages on Tremont Ave.  The Big North playground would be right behind this one.
Some happy kids in the library, circa 1947.
What a handsome kid !! Yup, that's me with my dad on Purdy St. about 1956 !!
The West Grass Oval
The West Oval.
Identified by  Don Lane - St. Helena's Elementary '50, High '54.

Building Art
177th St. El / Parkchester
The Parkchester stop. 177th St., IRT Line
The Library
The Library, circa 1940's.
Macy's Parkchester, 2001.  This was the second Macy's to open in NYC after the main store on 34th St.
photo by Jackie Ventola Ammirato
Wall Sculpture
One of the wall sculptures, this one on the Parkchester House.
Photo by Jackie Ventola Ammirato
This was the old Dollar Savings Bank.. now Emmigrant Bank, 2001.
photo by Jackie Ventola Ammirato
Zarro's Bakery, 2001
photo by Jackie Ventola Ammirato
Dollar Savings Bank
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