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St Helena's
Here's an oldie from St. Helena's.  It's ok, you can admit it now if you're in the photo !!
This is a 1956 photo of a St. Helena's grade school play. We had them just about every year. If you look all the way to the LEFT of the photo,right under the flag's.You will see Gerry Ryff standing there. I am the little guy standing in front of him,on the bottom step. With the lite sport jacket and bow tie.
Photo courtesy of  Mark Janaro

New Haven Passenger Train
Anyone who lived around Tremont Avenue knows this familiar site, the New Haven EP-5 passenger train heading for Penn Station or points North !!  There would always be an express that would come by Purdy Street about 5 pm, my signal to go home for dinner !!  When we got a little older, hanging out on "the tracks" was the thing to do, and many a "hut" we built from old plywood on the sides of the track where we'd hang out on weekend nites and drink beer before we were old enough to !!  This photo is from 1955.
St Helena Marching Cadets
The three photos above are of the St. Helena Cadets in the 1960's , Unionport Rd. & Unionport & McGraw Ave . The Intermediate, Junior, & Senior Corps,   Remember the big parade once a year before the St. Helena Bazaar started.  Then on each night of the bazaar one of the cadet corps would march before the bazaar opened through Parkchester.
photos courtesy of Danny McKiernan, email address
The photos below are courtesy of Stu Solomon, who lived in Parkchester from 1942-1972 and now resides in Arizona.  Stu lived at at 63 Met Oval.  Dates posted on the photos if Stu knew them, the others probably circa 1955 or so.  You can email Stu at
63 Met Oval
63 Met Oval
Macy's before addition
Macy's after addition
West Garage
Wood Rd.
If you have any old Parkchester photos you'd like to see here email them to me, Charlie Jacobi, at
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