Parkchester, The Bronx
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Taken in front of Womrath's, on Metropolitan Ave. This was taken about 1981 or so.   Many a cool Matchbox car I bought in this store in the late 50's and early 60's !!
St Helena kindregarten 1953
Lorey G. sent in this nice shot of an early SHS  kindergarten graduating class !!  She named as many as she could remember.  If you want to add a name, email me using the buttons above or below and I'll fill in the names. (tell me what row and number from left or right)
l-r, top row: Edward Kane, James McAuley (now a missionary priest somewhere in Asia -- he turned up to preach at St. Bernadette's in Springfield several years ago), 2 unknown boys, Willie Walsh, unknown boy, (statue), Robert Malafonte, Chris Gallagher, Paul McAndris, unknown boy, Gerry Fox (whom we lost in Vietnam), unknown boy.

l-r, next row down: Robert Del Grasso, unknown boy, Donald Mueller, James Peeters, Nina Amoruso, Lorey Goerlinger (that's me), Gladys O'Brien, Diane Falkenberry, Lynne Geras, Richard Netusil, 3 unknown boys.

l-r, next row down: 2 unknown boys, Richard Dabice, Joseph Sweatt, unknown girl, Eileen Musgrave, Unknown girl, Loren Trenck,  Maureen Hart, Virginia Glynn (who was my alphabetic predecessor on the report card hand-out line for 13 years), Gerard Lynch, William McNair, 2 unknown boys.

l-r, next row down: Unknown boy, William Murphy, unknown boy, Anne Reynolds, Patricia Conway, Jane McCormack, Mary Lee Bakenist, unknown girl, Pamela Oze, Helen Sullivan, unknown girl, David Elhart, 2 unknown boys.

l-r, bottom row: Nora Palmer, Marianne Cernik, Bernadette Brosnan, Diane Southard, unknown girl, Kathleen Burke, Diane Metcalf, Patricia Carew, unknown girl, Jane O'Leary, Diane Fay, Geraldine Barry.

If you would like to view a very large image of this photo to see the faces more clearly CLICK HERE and it will open in another window.

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If you have any nice photos to post !!  Charlie Jacobi
Jim Fay ( St Helena Class of '68 ) sent me this next group of photos from a recent trip through Parkchester, mostly through the Purdy Street section.  Thanks Jim !
The Monkey Bars.  Jim relayed that the Purdy Street playground, at Purdy and Tremont, was closed and in disrepair, but all the old equipment was still his words, "like the Parkchester playground that time forgot" !
The sliding ponds.  These have to be antiques now !
On the left is what once was Kenny's bar on Tremont, now a laundromat and on the right is DMV where many of us, no doubt, stood in long lines for that all important first driver's license !
Jim Barone sent in these next  6 shots along with this note:    I grew up on and hung out on Mcgraw & Virginia Ave during the late 50's and wild 60's.  Went to St. Helena's from 54 -62, then St Helena's high from 62 -66. Most of the pics are showing us hanging out around Mcgraw / Virginia Aves.  The snow scene is Met Oval.

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