Parkchester, The Bronx
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More great photos from the old neighborhoods !!
Many of these photos are courtesy of Kathi Schiemann McGinty.  Thanks !!

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Rota's in 2001... hmmm what are they serving here now !!
Easter in Parkchester
You won first prize in a Beauty Contest, collect $ 10.00 !!!

Well, not quite !! The Easter Parade at the Oval and the prize winner for best dressed in his age group... my brother Jake !!!   This must have been about 1966.
The Rocks
Sleigh riding at "The Rocks" in the North Quadrant.  This was near the little north playground and behind 2090 E. Tremont, Tremont Ave is in the background.  Not much of a hill, but it sure was fun !! Not sure where everyone went on the hill..... maybe the cops were coming !!!    That's me on the right, my brother Jake on the left.  I think around 1963 by our sizes !!
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St. Helena's  June, 1948
This is the graduating class of St. Helena's kindergarten in June of 1948 !!  Taken on the front steps of St. Helena's Church.  Nice caps !!
Ed Meyer sent in this picture, he's in it, but he wouldn't give up where !!  If anyone in the photo wants to identify themselves, let me know where you are standing and I'll post your name !
The Rocks !! 2002
Machine Gun Hill
The "Rocks", in the North, behind 2090 E. Tremont.  On the right is "Machine Gun Hill", so named because of the grooves that used to be cut in the pavement on the hill, it sounded ike a machine gun when you skated or skate boarded down !! 
photos courtesy of Margaret
On the left is the Rec Center at the Little North playground.  Above, if I'm not mistaken, is the rear of 1579 Metropolitan Ave, the Rec Center would be on the left in this photo.
Courtesy of Margaret
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