Parkchester, The Bronx
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A nice aerial shot of the whole complex.
courtesy of Gerry Ryff
At St. Helena's
From the 1965 Helenian - the High School year book.  Packing people in a phone booth..
In the photo are: Standing on the left- Eddie Powell, Standing on the right, Willie Walsh ( our Willie from the Delphi forum) and in the booth bottom- Ray McQuade, Mike Bennedetto, one guy I can't remember and on the top right is Nick Moramarco and on the top left, I think Bill Buddington ( from our Forum).
courtesy of Gerry Ryff

Behind the North Ballfield
Behind the ballfield in the North.
courtesy Gail DeAngelis
The Palace Theater
courtesy of Gail DeAngelis
The draftiest windows on earth !!
courtesy Gail D.
Msgr. Scanlan
St. Helena's, Msgr. Scanlan High School (girl's school)
courtesy Gail D.
Boy's School
What used to be the Boy's School, St. Helena's.
courtesy Gail D.
Parking Lot
This is the parking lot next to Womrath's looking from Metropolitan Ave toward the North ballfield. (visible between the buildings)
courtesy of Gail D.
Candy Store
The Candy Store, Liquor Store, Deli, etc. on Metropolitan Ave. near Purdy St.
courtesy of Gail D.
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On the monkey bars in the Little North, sometime between 1969 and 1971 I believe.  2090 E. Tremont in the background

Starting on the bottom of the monkey bars going right: Dennis O'Donnell (OD), Annie Kelleher, ,Just above OD in the Middle going right:Paul Reilly, Clare Cahill, ,  Gail Paladino, Bobby Carey, (going up from Bobby Carey)  Joe Hunter, Paul Boylan, Billy Barrett (middle figure on nose) behind Billy unknown - besides Billy is Bowser,  (behind Paul Reilly is:) Peter Hanna, behind Peter is Donald O'Keefe, (not sure who is pushing is hair aside with hand)  Next to Donald O'keefe is Pope,  Armand (my brother-in-law), Fitz, Timmy Hooly, Kevin Comer, Tommy Cash.
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Castle Hill Diner
Castle Hill Diner, August 2001
photo by Jackie Ventola
Photo by Jackie Ventola
St. Ray's Academy
St. Raymond's Academy
photo by Jackie Ventola
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